by Domitille d'Orgeval



Art,as Mpcem sees it,has no frontiers either in time,space,or the mind.Having come to sculpture as an autodidact,the forms with wich he works,come to mind automatically to make up a body of work on which he is unable to put limits.If the artist opted for the language of abstraction it is indeed because it does not impede his imagination,and it also marks a distancing from the world of appearances to reach more directly that of ideas and feelings.


B]y his pseudonym,Mouvement Pour Corps Et Mental,the artist shows his concern for embedding his practise in a global search where body and mind make up an inseparable whole.In fact the act of creation meets both an internal need and an urgency to create,to wich the prolific work of Mpcem bears witness.This vital need explains why he focused on sculpture whore physical dimension gives him a perfect outlet.

In his close relationship with the material, the artist brings out feelings,ideas and questions that words cannot always express,but to wich he wants to give a physical form,but still keeping a certain spontaneity.


Mpcem  says in fact,that he wishes to sculpt his intuitive thoughts,even though the meaning that he gives to his sculptures,is of an intimate but never unequivocal nature,nevertheless whoever looks at one of these sculptures can find his own meaning and interpretation.

The abstract art of Mpcem could be called symbolist in the meaning given to it by one of its greatest exponents Albert Aurier,who believes that symbols are ideas,and that symbolism is the expression of ideas by forms.It is therefore to this delicate conciliation of form and ideas,that Mpcem dedicates himself in sculptures after sculpture without however trying to reach any thruth.


Artists,he writes address man’s soul,his imagination;my art is made of suggestion,ideas,mystery.



Domitille d’Orgeval